June 7, 2023

Christmas is almost here, and social media is buzzing with holiday cheer! Americans across the U.S. are sending festive greetings to their friends and family on Instagram, using a variety of creative hashtags like #MerryChristmas and #HappyHolidays.

Many Instagram users have taken to their accounts on the app to share their favorite Christmas festivities, including decorations and holiday recipes. Others have shared pictures of themselves or their loved ones wearing ugly Christmas sweaters or Santa hats. Some noteworthy Instagram posts have even featured tributes to the classic Christmas films Elf or Home Alone.

In addition to posting warm holiday greetings and funny family photos, some Instagrammers are taking advantage of the platform’s lengthier captions to send well wishes for a safe and healthy 2021. The renewed sense of optimism among many Americans is palpable in their heartfelt posts as many express hope for a better tomorrow—a key ingredient of the season that we should all recognize and practice this year.

No matter how you celebrate, the United States’ millions of Instagram users across the nation have transformed our feeds into a canvas for creativity and expression—from heartfelt messages about peace on earth to virtual holiday parades. It really serves as a powerful reminder this Christmas season that despite our current challenges, there is still so much warmth, love, and joy to be shared in 2020.

As the holiday season approaches and Christmas 2020 comes ever closer, Instagram users in the United States are taking to the popular social media platform to express their festive cheer. With bright colors and exciting visuals, Instagram is becoming a popular choice of platform to post seasonal greetings from across the country.

From stunning images of Christmas markets to holiday decorations, Instagram users are getting in the Christmas spirit by sharing their festive photos. The joyous messages accompanying these images are heartfelt and often feature puns and holiday-themed hashtags such as #SleighItLikeItsChristmas or #Christmas2020.

Some users have also taken advantage of the platform’s range of filters to add special effects to their posts. For instance, one user created a snow globe-style image featuring snowman characters and a sparkling background. On the other side of things, there are also plenty of somber posts expressing grief for those who will not be able to be together this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

No matter how they choose to express it, Instagram users in the US are united by their wishes for peace and goodwill over the Christmas period. Holiday greetings on the platform can range from congratulations sent to newlyweds and graduates, who may not have had much opportunity to celebrate this year; words of comfort dedicated to friends going through tough times; and simple reminders not to forget what Christmas is really about: giving and love.

As Christmas celebrations largely take place online this year, Instagram provides an effective way for those in the US, and around the world, to stay connected with friends and family. So if you happen to spot some warm Christmas greetings on Instagram from our great nation, don’t forget to respond with your own wishes of peace and joy!