June 7, 2023

Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and sharing memories with loved ones. It’s also an opportunity to experience the warmth and joy of different cultures from around the world. That’s why this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of 20 videos from 5 continents, which were filmed specially for Christmas.

From North America, be inspired by the festive snowboarding in Quebec City featured in “A Skiing Christmas”. Or get into the spirit of the season with “Christmas Around the World”, a sweet take on cultures from around the North American continent.

Head south of the border and experience the traditional pan-American Christmas of Brazil. In “Christmas in Rio”, take a tour of the vibrant city and learn how Brazilians celebrate their holiday. Then, watch “A Christmas Quest in Santiago, Chile”, which shows us the unique culture, landscapes, and cuisine of this stunning country.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Delight in the Austrian holiday spirit seen in “Vienna Christmas”. Get a glimpse of Lithuanian family traditions with “Kaunas at Christmas”, and marvel at the magnificent architecture of Brussels in Belgium in “Belgian Festival of Lights | Christmas 2019”.

Leaving Europe behind and heading to Africa, explore the magical coast and hidden corners of “Southern Morocco for Christmas” or be immersed in Tanzanian village life in “Christmas at African Village”.

Finally, deep in the Pacific Ocean lies Australia – Aussie Christmas is full of sun, family fun, and colorful fireworks. Watch “A Festive Aussie Christmas” to get in on all the fun!

Christmas is a special occasion which is celebrated all around the world, so why not celebrate it with 20 videos from 5 different continents?

From the icy cold landscapes of Antarctica, to the sweltering heat of Africa and everywhere in between, here are 20 videos featuring festive traditions of Christmas from five different continents.

In Asia, get a glimpse of how Christmas is celebrated in Hong Kong. See the decorations illuminating the skyline that culminates in the magnificently lit Symphony of Lights show over Victoria Harbor. Then marvel at South Korea’s Christmas market in Seoul, where twinkling lights and endless stalls selling food, treats and gifts make for an unforgettable experience.

In Europe, opt for a picturesque festive atmosphere in Vienna, Austria where you can explore unique markets and enjoy the glittering lights that adorn the grand tree outside Schönbrunn Palace. Or take a virtual tour to Rovaniemi in Finland where Santa Claus himself awaits!

Cross over to North America and visit Montreal to get a feel of its European-inspired atmosphere teeming with festive cheer. Take a look at Times Square in New York City as well – could there be anywhere else on earth more magical during the holiday season? Then head towards San Francisco to watch passersby light up the city with glowing lanterns as part of an annual tradition.

In South America, admire the vibrant street carnivals and decorations that adorn Quito in Ecuador during Christmas time. Or take a trip to Colombia and check out Medellín’s “Carriage of Lights” parade which sees thousands take part every year.

Then let’s turn our attention to Africa where you can admire lovely decorations transforming Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap district into an enchanting destination during Christmas time. After that, head towards Lagos in Nigeria for their unique festival called Yulefest, which combines traditional African festivities with modern activities like caroling and Father Christmas visits.