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Indonesia: results

My 12 days in Indonesia were absolutely different than my usual experiences. I have visited awesome places, witnessed unique rituals and saw Borobudur, stayed in nice places and had unique experience when someone is thinking literally about everything. It was […]

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Day 281: Sunrise in Bali

Today i woke up early and decided to have a walk along the beach during the sunrise. That was the moment of calmless and beauty with little people around and the feeling of a long day. I took some shots and put […]

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Day 280: Bali

Bali is probably the best place to relax, isn’t it? Yesterday at night we moved to Nusa Dua area in Bali to stay here for couple of days. It’s a touristy area with big resorts, restaurants, shops and beaches, so it’s […]

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Day 279: Balinese culture

Is it me or there is something in the air in Bali? It’s definitely not another beach destination and the trick for me personally is in it’s culture and rituals. I love every part of it: i love the architecture, […]

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Day 278: Going to Bali

One more picture from beautiful Sulawesi island in Indonesia before moving next! Thank you, @nastasiaspassport for making me pose during this beautiful sunset! After very emotional day in Toraja (if you missed it, make sure to check my post from […]

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Day 277: Toraja and it’s rituals

Toraja, Indonesia

Reminder: this post contains sensitive materials! In some cultures death is a celebration of a new period of life, in others it’s the worst that could ever happened. Toraja in Indonesia got it’s own absolutely unique way to interact with […]

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Day 276: Going to Toraja

I love scenic flights! You know, the one when you don’t need any entertainment system, because the view from the window is so stunning! This shot was made during Makassar to Toraja flight. It is only 45 minutes long, so […]

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Day 275: Exploring Yogyakarta

I seriously loved Yogyakarta so much! The city is full of nice elements, street art and beautiful corners with flowers, bird cages, coloured houses and traditional architecture. This mix was so nice that i was charmed from the first moment […]

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Day 274 pt2: Culture in Java

Java culture is said to be one of the strongest symbol of #WonderfulIndonesia and everyone here is very proud of it. To learn more, our #TripOfWonders team headed to the Pentingsari Cultural Village at Yogyakarta. Normally it’s not the kind […]

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Day 274 pt1: Borobudur

It’s time to explore one of the major bucket list places in Asia – Borobudur temple. The largest buddhist temple in the world, it was lost for centuries, but now it’s fully restored and included in UNESCO World Heritage list. […]

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