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Day 123: Time for a longer stop

My very good morning from Chiang Mai! Initially when I planned this journey I got the idea, that I want to see some places. Probably lots of them. But there are some places, areas and cultures, that are interesting not […]

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Day 122: Temples, cafe’s and night market

Chiang Rai is famous with it’s temples or Wats. So early in the morning I decided to check few of them. But not too much as it feels like I saw at least 150 different religious structures during last 4 […]

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Day 121: Chiang Rai

Hello, Chiang Rai! It’s time to explore your sights! But first things first: I came here after I saw this gorgeous and out-of-this-world white temple! By some strange circumstances it is 10km away from the city, so one of the […]

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Day 120: 17 hours in bus to Northern Thailand

Today I had one of the longest bus ride from Laos to Thailand. It was around 17 hours. I had some kind of the same few years ago in famous bus in Argentina with full service, beds and wine on […]

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Day 105: Chilling in the big city

Bangkok really surprised me as i got some other image of it in my mind. Now it’s definetely top big city with lots of skyscrapers, clean roads and very impressive infrustructure. On the other hand, street markets and numerous street […]

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Day 104: Bangkok from the top

I haven’t been in Bangkok for 2 years and looks like the city has changed a lot. There are many new buildings, streets became cleaner and it really feels like great modern city. I haven’t got the same feelings last […]

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Day 103: Healthy day

After couple of nights out I decided that I need a full day for myself. So early in the afternoon i had big classical Thai massage, drink smoothie, making facial masks, done my haircut and just chill. So that’s basically […]

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Day 102: Bangkok

Bangkok is like old friend: it’s always nice to spend several days with him! My days here are like little rest from travelling or at least, changing type of activity. I am not big party monster, but it’s always nice […]

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