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How to visit Taroko National park in Taiwan

Taroko National Park is one of several most famous natural sights in Taiwan. Bordered by Pacific ocean from one side and 3500 metres high summits from the other, it provides unforgettable variety of different scenic landscapes: coastal cliffs, large canyons, […]

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Day 335: Taroko National park

Taroko National Park is probably the most famous natural sight in Taiwan. It is famous because of it’s relief: in one day it is possible to see coastal cliffs, large canyons, high elevated forests, rivers, waterfalls, old manmade pathways on […]

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Day 334: Hualien

Early in the morning i took a train to my next destination in Taiwan – Hualien. This city is the most common base to explore one of the main sights in the country – Taroko National park. Trains in Taiwan […]

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