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Great things to see and do in Taipei

Taipei is probably not the most popular tourist destination. The reason is simple: not many people know something about it. When i came i knew only about Taipei101 and some historical facts. This made exploring it even more exciting as […]

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Day 333: Eating and watching

Today is the same as few last days: raining!  I got no particular plans and decided just to browse around the city and see where this day will bring me. I started with the breakfast at one of the most […]

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Day 332: Hot springs and views

Taipei is not only green and comfortable city with lots of hills around, but it’s one of the few cities in the world, that have hot springs. These springs are considered very good for the health. Most of the older […]

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Day 331: Jiufen

Juifen is a small village in the mountains close to Taipei, which is famous as one of the top things to do while in Taipei. There are some cute streets, tea houses and some food specialities. All the guides told […]

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Day 330: Zhongshan, highest Starbaks in the world and night market

Such a great day to explore Taipei! I started my day exploring Zhongshan district, which is very cool district of it’s own: it is full of little and very cool cafes, shops, eateries and beauty saloons. There is a historical […]

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Day 329: Taipei

I finally have made it to Taiwan and will spend here next few weeks exploring and looking for great and cool things! I’m surely choose great country for it as i have heard lots of good Taiwan, but still apart […]

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