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Day 295: Relaxing, bit still doing a lot

Just another day of doing everything like blogging, planning, gym, massage and dentist (which is very good in Thailand if you need something like professional tooth cleaning). This pic is from yesterday walk along Karon beach!

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Day 294: Beaches and views

Thailand finally brought me a good sunny day! So time for some beach hopping in Phuket. There are several dozens of beaches on the island, so today i choose Kata Noi and Karon beach area. And definitely no regrets as […]

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Day 292: Rawai beach or how to survive in Phuket without motorbike

Today the weather finally became better and i decided to spend day exploring the area of Rawai beach. But first things first: transportation in Phuket is close to disaster. Many tourists prefere to rent a motorbike to drive around. I […]

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Day 290: Patong and rain

Today i decided to check the most popular Patong area of Phuket. It is know for nice beach, big crowds and bars. Actually, it was such a bad idea to go there today as after i arrived it started raining […]

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Day 288: Relaxing and Thai massage

Today is another day of my vacation from busy travel month. Mostly today is about relaxing, gym, pool and Thai massage. I was lucky as i have found very reliable place for massage next to my place with great and […]

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Day 287: Exploring Old Phuket

If there is cool hip spot in Phuket, that’s definetely it’s old town. They got even hipster market during the week. So today i went there again just to browse around, sit in cafes, look for some streetart and finally […]

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Day 285: Old Phuket

Phuket is not only beaches and one road, that cross the island, but also there is Phuket town. It’s was a bit surprising as i wasn’t expecting anything from it. Actually, i decided to walk there, because i need a […]

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Day 284: Eat and sleep 😴

Haha! I really plan only to sleep, eat and repeat for the next days as i need it badly. But i could turn it to experience, too. For my stay in Phuket i choose a condo, located close to the […]

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Day 283: Phuket

I have spend months in Thailand before, but i never been in the most popular Southern part of the country. Time to fix it as i made it to Phuket, one of the largest islands in Thailand. My plan is […]

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