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Day 352: Honda Bay

Today i had an island hopping to the Honda Bay,  which is located righy next to the Palawan island. As it is one of the major places of interest, the best way to explore it is simply having a day […]

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Day 351: Travel day

After couple of really good days in Panglao, it’s time to move next and explore next island in Philippines! One more pic from here before moving next! I’m moving to Palawan to check some special places there. Thought it’s not […]

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Day 350: Chilling in Bohol

Today i have done something that everyone should do at least once a week: i had a day to relax! My ​Amorita Resort in Bohol is a perfect place for it! I loved it from the very first moment i entered […]

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Day 349: Panglao

Early in the morning i moved to Panglao island,  which is the main and almost only place to stay while in Bohol. It is actually more like part of Bohol, but technically separate island. Choosing right area to stay in Philippines is […]

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Day 348: Exploring Bohol

Getting to Bohol and exploring it’s sights was one of the major points in my current travel lag as the island is home of two unique sights: – Chocolate hills are UNESCO World Heritage sight and pretty unusual place. It’s […]

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Day 347: Going to Bohol

In the morning i took a ferry from Cebu to Bohol, which is couple hours ride. The ferry teminal happened to be pretty busy, but fun place with lots of things going on around: there were even ladies, who were […]

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Day 346: Cebu city

Somehow i had an idea that Cebu city is worth spending some time and explore it for a while. So i planned my route to stay here 1 full day and explore it’s sights. In the morning i checked Old fort, […]

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Day 345: Two sides of Cebu

Today is interesting day. Not because i have done something special or kind of it, but mostly because i felt such a slight change in the surroundings and the area. After spending morning at my @shangrilamactan, sunbathing and spending some […]

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Day 344: Enjoying resort life at Shangri-La Mactan

Shangri La Mactan Cebu Phulippines

Today is the day to relax and enjoy my stay at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu. Of course, i have heard about Shangri-La many times before, but never stayed at any of their property, so it’s interesting to check what is […]

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Day 343: Way to Philippines

Time to leave Taiwan and move to one of the last countries in the Southeast Asia that i haven’t been to – Philippines! Technically there are only Brunei and East Timor left. Of course, the more you go, the more […]

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