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Day 91: Mountain Popa

Mountain Popa is one of the highest peak in Myanmar, located around 50km away from Bagan. It is very holy place, as very important temple is located on one of the hills around this mountain. To get there you have […]

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Day 90: More Bagan

Yesterday i explored Bagan randomly without no particular plan and ended up visiting mostly hidden places. So today i decided to explore large Temples and pagodas. Most of them are quite touristy, but i found that most of them got […]

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Day 89: Bagan

To explore Bagan i choose to do it by myself. And as i have several days for it, i decided to spend first one without no particular plan. So i just rent a bike (as this is themost flexible way […]

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Day 88: Lazy day

All major sightseeing in Yangon is done. I saw enough pagodas, reclining Buddhas (sure, it’s never enought) and got one more full day till night bus, so I decided just to chill and browse the city. I went for a […]

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Day 87: Tanaka and karma

Tanaka is local makeup in Myanmar. Most of the people, both woman and man, use it dayly to protect themselves against very strong sunlight. And also it’s good as a highlighter for women. I’ve been searching it around the town […]

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Yangon: Swedagon pagoda

Swedagon pagoda is the main attraction in Yangon and without no means, one of the most fantastic place i ever been! It’s a very big Golden Pagoda, which is the oldest pagoda in the world and home to very important […]

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Day 86: Hello, Myanmar!

Myanmar is my mext destination and i started to explore from Yangon. My main goal was to get into local culture a little bit deeper. So first, i neef a proper dress and it’s better to have one for numerous […]

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