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What to see and do in Marrakech

Marrakech these days is one of the most popular and trendiest places to see. It is doing a great job attracting people from all over the world with it’s glamour, authenticity and exotic mood. Marrakech feels way more glamorous compared […]

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Day 455 & 456: Relaxing in Movenpick Marrakech

Day to recharge is always a good one, especially when you are exploring exotic places. One of the things i have learned is that when you travel full-time, you should have days-off travelling to avoid burnout. The best is to […]

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Day 454: Trendy Marrakech

Marrakech these days is one of the trendiest destinations. It got a good reason to be popular, which dates back to 70’s, when famous Yves Saint Laurent has brought a property here and opened the city to the world. Lots […]

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Day 453: Marrakech medina

Marrakech is devided into three parts: Medina, Ville Nouvelle (modern city) and tourist part with all the hotels and infrastructure. Today i explored Unesco World Heritage Medina and the sights inside of it. Compared to some of the places i’ve […]

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Day 452: To Marrakech

In the morning i took a train from Rabat to Marrakech. Morocco got the best train system in Africa and this one was good and comfortable, in some parts the train was really fast. First impression about Marrakech: it is […]

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