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Day 362: Checking main attractions

Today i decided to give the last chance to Manila and explored some of the main attractions. Main sights here are old colonial Spanish district Intramuros, Old fort, park, main cathedral and UNESCO Heritage Church. Some of the places were […]

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Day 361: Movies and streets

After yesterday’s Manila exploration (check previous post if you have missed it) i decided that i don’t want anything like this anymore. So I made my day as easy as possible: called a taxi,  went to the mall,  watched Star […]

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Day 360: Heaven and hell in Manila

Today i decided to check couple of modern areas of Manila. Actually, Manila is not like every other city as historically it consist of many cities, which were joined together. The city is super busy and very different. Some areas […]

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Day 359: Manila from the top

Hello, Manila! ✌ My last place to explore in Philippines! First day in Manila went pretty smooth, but i haven’t explored much as my best view was at the place where i stay. For my stay in Manila i choose I’M HOTEL […]

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