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Day 100: Mingun

Little village Mingun is located not far away from Mandalay. Around 10km by ferry. But getting there is adventure by itself. This ferry is the cheapest way for tourists to get and looks wierd: both ferry station (it looks exactly […]

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Day 99: Tourism and ethics

Recently I visited one monastery, which is very famous for it’s dayly monks feeding ceremony. Mandalay is the place with the most monks in Myanmar and this monastery is the house for several thousands of them. In some way it […]

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Day 98: Exploring Mandalay surroundings

Mandalay is said to be nice place to explore the surroundings. After i made short list of things to do here, I realised that most of them are outside of the city, kind of 10-20 km away. It sounds not […]

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Day 97: Mandalay

Today was the day to explore some major places in Mandalay. This city sounds like very ancient, but it’s not. It was constructed in 19th century and was heavily damaged in World War ||. The original idea was to construct […]

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Day 96: The road to Mandalay

One more night bus brought me to Mandalay. I guess this one was in Robbie Williams song, isn’t it? Night buses in Myanmar could be little tricky. They are very comfortable and nice, but it’s really kind of wierd to […]

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