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Top experiences not to miss in Malta

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean sea, which is known as one of the most mystical and interesting small European destinations. Beautiful scenery, mystical history, stunning architecture, amazing heritage, medieval culture, fun and posh places, party, wineries, relaxed […]

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Day 474: Chilling in Malta

Last few days i have spend in the apartments, that i have rented in the area of St. Pauls bay in a city called Bigibba. This is another tourist area in Malta, known for a bit of party and local […]

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Day 472: 3 cities

Next to Valetta there are 3 cities Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, which you can see from Valetta and actually have a look at all of them all together. There are well known because you can walk between them as they […]

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Day 470: Mdina, Rabat and wine

Today i have checked several great spots in Malta. I have started my day with Mdina. This relatively small walled pedestrian city in the heart of Malta is the second most popular place to see here. It is usually called […]

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Day 468: St. Julians, Pembroke and Slima

Here is the trick about Malta: the island is not that huge, so you can easily visit several cities simply walking between them. Surprisingly, they are not the same and choosing the right place to stay in Malta can be […]

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Day 466: Mosta

Today i’m changing the place where i stay and move from Golden Bay in Malta to St. Julians. On my way from one place to another i made a short stop at Mosta (very similar to Mostar in Bosnia and […]

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Day 465: Golden sands

I am really lucky with the start of my Malta journey: i am staying in the awesome area of Golden Sands with one of the best beaches in Malta (generally Malta don’t have many beaches, but this is one of […]

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Day 464: Hello, Malta

My night flight brought me to Malta, one of the most interesting and intriguing countries in Europe and one of the last European countries i still haven’t been to. After arriving at night i have decided to stay at the […]

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