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Day 414 & 415: Moving next

After few days in Maldives it’s time to move next! Next weeks i will have several really tricky “pro” connections. The reason is that i try to utilise different opportunities of connection flights to get the most of it and […]

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Day 413: How much does it cost to visit Maldives

I got tons of messages from you with the questions like “I never thought it’s possible to stay local in Maldives” or “How much does it cost». This post is about practical aspect of visiting Maldives. Local islands now are […]

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Day 412: Just beach

Same as for every beach destination, after couple of days all days are simular! 😆 Wake up at 8, enjoy few beach hours after breakfast, chilling, again beach and dinner. Thodde haven’t got nothing else to do to be true, […]

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Day 411: Enjoying Maldives

Ok, now i’m officially in the team of those, who can say that Maldives got one of the best beaches in the world! What i see here is really incredible and even though staying here is a bit limited (nothing […]

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Day 410: Thoddoo island

Maldives got several types of islands: – resort islands are well-known as top luxury getaways, usually 1 island is only resort – locals islands are not well-known, but gives a chance to see some real local life and experience Maldives […]

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Day 409: Road to Maldives

Today is my second travel day on my way to Maldives. After few hours sleep in Kuala Lumpur airport i took my flight to Male. For many people Maldives is a dream destination! I need to be honest: i never […]

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