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1 week itinerary in Jordan

What to see and do in Jordan

Jordan have it all: adventures, experiences, amazing sites, sea, recreational areas! You can benefit for your health, check major bucket list sites and take a lot of Instagram-mable shots if you decide to spend your time here. Jordan is easy […]

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How to experience the Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea Jordan

The Dead sea is one of those unique places on Earth, where our mother Nature showed us her impressive imagination. There is so much unique about it, the value of this place is hard to overestimate from natural or historical […]

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What to see and do in Amman for 2 days

What to see and do in Amman

Amman never was high on my list of places to see. I wasn’t expecting anything particular here, but was always sure that i will make it here at some point. For some reason i thought about it as about classical […]

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Day 434: Back home

Jordan gave me awesome week of unforgettable #MovenpickMoments, it was really great time! Meanwhile, it’s time for me to finish this lag of my journey! In the morning i have left my awesome @movenpickjo in Petra and after 2,5 hours […]

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Day 433: Wadi Rum and Petra by night

In the morning i had a couple hours drive from @movenpickjo to Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is a desert in Jordan, famous for it’s absolutely incredible views. I can hardly believe my eyes: i’m not on planet Earth as i […]

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Day 432: Petra

The day to explore Petra, the World Wonder and UNESCO World Heritage site. For me it is the 4th World Wonder that i have visited for the last 3 months. In the morning i left from my @movenpickjo at the […]

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Day 430: The Dead sea

The Dead sea is one of those unique places on Earth where our mother Nature showed us her impressive imagination. Dead sea experience is an interesting combination of coastal getaway, visiting amazing natural place and lowest point on Earth, having […]

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Day 429: Amman

My second day in Amman was about browsing around main sites and just enjoing. My first goal was to find some warm clothes, but i failed! 😆 Why? Well, i am really picky with it and just love what i […]

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Day 428: Hello, Jordan!

My first day in Jordan! When i have arrived here from Egypt, it took me by surprise that it is much colder in Amman. I came from 20-25C to 10C. Funny part is that I got almost no warm clothes […]

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