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Best Markets & Paella in Valencia

Valencia is know as a quintessential Spanish city, which combines the best the country has to offer. It has the largest old city in Spain, it it the third largest city in Spain and mostly is is visually associated with […]

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Where to eat in Bali

Last couple of years food scene in Bali has changed dramatically. With the help of Instagram it became one of the major sights and obligatory part of your stay in Bali. Pink coffee and smoothie bowls along with beautiful tropical […]

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Day 302: Thai Cooking class with the Blue Elephant

Thai food cooking class in Phuket

Thai food is one of the most popular in the world is i said to be one of top 3 reasons why people come to Thailand. That’s the reason why cooking classes became very popular things to do while in […]

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Day 219: Exploring Croatian wine

Wine tour in Croatia from Dubrovnik

Croatia is amazing place for wine lovers! Locals drink wine for lunch and dinner and generally it’s not considered as alcohol. Many families produce their own house wine. Almost at every place i stayed in Croatia, they suggest me a […]

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