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Day 407: Sailing around Komodo

Today i had one more day sailing around Komodo national park islands and just enjoying beautiful scenery around. I haven’t seen anything significantly different and actually took almost the same trip. The reason was simple: when i tryed to find […]

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Day 405: Exploring Flores

Flores island means Flowers island and apart from Komodo, it got some special places there. On the other side of the island there is huge volcano with very picturesque lake. It was on my list of places to see here, […]

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Day 404: How to visit Komodo National park

Komodo National park is amazing, really! But visiting it is a bit of adventure and that is the main reason why it’s not super ovecrowded. It’s not that bad, too much people will be bad for it, but its also […]

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Day 403: Komodo national park

Day to explore World Wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Komodo national park and surroundings! There are number of different islands here and some amazing places for snorkelling and views! The easiest way to explore it is just taking a day […]

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Day 402: To Flores

When sunset makes a clear statement: I’m at one of the most beautiful places in the world. Flores island and it’s surroundings were the most recommended places for me to visit. I got several friends from Indonesia and i have […]

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