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What is it like to visit Egypt without a tour

There are not that many classical tourists routes in the world like Egypt. I can easily call this country the mother of tourism as this land attracted cultural travellers for at least 2 centuries. We know the heritage of this […]

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Day 424: Relaxing in Luxor

My day today is super easy as i made it to Luxor late at night and decided that i need a day to recharge and relax. There was so much for the last weeks and so much planned, that i […]

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Day 423: Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel temples are two big rock temples in Egypt next to the border with Sudan! Visiting them was a WOW moment of my journey to Egypt. They are massive from outside and georgeous from inside. I felt myself like […]

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Day 422: Road to Abu Simbel

Today i have left Cairo and next goal is Abu Simbel, which happened to be relatively remote place. To get there i have to get to Aswan, which is also classical tourism destination in Egypt and then 180km drive through […]

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Day 421 part 2: Giza piramids

After exploring Islamic part of Cairo i took a taxi and went to the obligatory Piramids of Giza. Once the tallest manmade structure in the world and the only original World Wonder that is still exist. It’s hard to find […]

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Day 421 part 1: Islamic Cairo

Today i have a big day exploring 2 UNESCO Heritage Sites in Cairo. Historical part of Old Islamic Cairo is inscribed as a heritage site. I came here couple hours without any particular plan. This part of the city is […]

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Day 420: Cairo

I got no idea what to expect from Cairo and it literally blow my mind. It is so exotic and chaotic here, so much going on around and such a huge change of scenery compared to my previous places. I […]

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Day 419: Hello, Egypt!

I’m so so excited finally to made it here! This perfect view to the legendary Nile river from the balcony of legendary Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza was one of the first things i saw in Egypt! Time […]

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