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Day 227: Bosnia and Herzegovina: results

Incredible mix of cultures and history makes Bosnia and Herzegovina interesting place for history lovers and those looking for unusual places to visit. There are several picturesque sights in the country, but it’s beauty is in it’s fantastic landscapes. Riding […]

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Day 226: Rest day

I was lucky to see most of the places a wanted to in 1 day, so today i was just relaxing. Just one more pic from Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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Day 225: History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m stading here on top of the hill above Mostar and looking to the place, which is historically one if the hardest areas in the world. It was Slavic country, than part of Ottoman empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, was taken by […]

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Day 224: Exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina

Today was busy day exploring sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We started it with the old super secret Toto’s airplane bunker, than we headed to Blagaj (the second most recognised site of country), than we visited UNESCO World Heritage city […]

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Day 223: Sarajevo

I need to confess: i wasn’t sure whether to go to Sarajevo or not. I was stucked in that idea, that the city still lives in 90’s as mostly everything i have found online was pictures of halls from the […]

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Day 222: Rest day

Good rest is essential, so today is a rest day for me, when i spend almost full day staying inside, working with pics, doing yoga and relaxing! Good reason to share one more pic from Mostar! This is the interiors […]

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Day 221: Mostar

Hello, Bosnia and Herzegovina! I’m here for a few days to explore the centre of Balkans, check what’s cool here and learn more about it’s history! I choose Mostar as my base to explore the country. The city now is […]

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