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Day 380: Seminyak

For my stay in Bali this time i choose Seminyak and this is my second time here. Firstly i thought about Ubud, but decided that it’s too calm for me. Seminyak brings me great combination of very calm streets and […]

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Day 379: Back to Bali

I’m back to Bali to stay here for while and tick one of my bucket list in Southeast Asia. Actually, the bucket list is to stay in Bali for a while! Got no particular plans for now, so don’t know […]

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Day 281: Sunrise in Bali

Today i woke up early and decided to have a walk along the beach during the sunrise. That was the moment of calmless and beauty with little people around and the feeling of a long day. I took some shots and put […]

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Day 280: Bali

Bali is probably the best place to relax, isn’t it? Yesterday at night we moved to Nusa Dua area in Bali to stay here for couple of days. It’s a touristy area with big resorts, restaurants, shops and beaches, so it’s […]

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Day 279: Balinese culture

Is it me or there is something in the air in Bali? It’s definitely not another beach destination and the trick for me personally is in it’s culture and rituals. I love every part of it: i love the architecture, […]

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Pic of the day #105: Light at Bali

Light at Bali

One day not long before sunset i took this memorrable pics at Seminiak, where i choode to stay at Bali. The place i miss.

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Pic of the day #34: Temple of Holy Water in Ubud

Temple of Holy Water in Ubud

These temple in Bali is the place to clean yourself from all the bad stuff in your soul and life. This ritual is very popular, especially during full moon.

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Pic of the day #11: Rice terraces in Ubud

Rice terraces in Ubud

This Bali city and it surrounding is so beautiful, calm, sunny and authentic, that each time i see it – i want to be back!

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