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1 week itinerary in Jordan

What to see and do in Jordan

Jordan have it all: adventures, experiences, amazing sites, sea, recreational areas! You can benefit for your health, check major bucket list sites and take a lot of Instagram-mable shots if you decide to spend your time here. Jordan is easy […]

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What to see and do in Amman for 2 days

What to see and do in Amman

Amman never was high on my list of places to see. I wasn’t expecting anything particular here, but was always sure that i will make it here at some point. For some reason i thought about it as about classical […]

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Day 429: Amman

My second day in Amman was about browsing around main sites and just enjoing. My first goal was to find some warm clothes, but i failed! 😆 Why? Well, i am really picky with it and just love what i […]

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Day 428: Hello, Jordan!

My first day in Jordan! When i have arrived here from Egypt, it took me by surprise that it is much colder in Amman. I came from 20-25C to 10C. Funny part is that I got almost no warm clothes […]

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