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Day 249: Albania: results

History, bunkers, feeling of adventure, georgeous scenery, out of the beaten path sites, nice beaches and affordable prices makes Albania very cool place to explore! It’s definitely not the place for everyone as there was no luxury, some streets were […]

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Prejudices about Albania and whether it’s true

How to travel to Albania

Albania is one of the most mysterious countries in Europe. It was closed from the entire world for decades and done so much work to protect itselef with numerous bunkers and complicated foreign policy, that most of the people literally […]

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Day 248: History of Albania and Old anti-nuclear bunker

Albania is known worldwide for it’s extensive network of bunkers, which were build in 70’s and 80’s. The plan was to built more than 220 thousands of bunkers around all the country, more than 170 thousands were actually build. There […]

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Day 247: Night out in Tirana

Night is very busy time in Tirana. After the sun goes down, lots of people feel the streets to sit in numerous cafes and bars. There is big bar district with plenty of nice and modern places in Tirana, so […]

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Day 246: Sightseeing in Tirana

Today i continued exploring Tirana by myself! Currently the city is changing a lot: few weeks ago they opened totally reconstructed main square with very original and modern design, there is project to build 10 iconic skyscrapers around the city […]

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Day 245: Tirana

Time to leave the coast and explore Albanian capital city – Tirana. After arriving i still had few more hours to explore the city, so i decided to make it easy and joined 2,5 hours free walking tour. That’s interesting […]

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Day 244: Beach club

As beaches in Vlora currently looks more like construction in progress, i was lucky to have found beach club here. That’s was the best idea how to spend my day, so i came here in the morning and left in […]

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Day 243: Vlore

Vlore is my next destination in Albania. This is also beach destination, so i came here to spend couple more beach days before leaving the coast for this summer. When i arrived, i was very surprised how different it is […]

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Day 242: Great beach in Himare

Today i explored one more beach close to Himare. It is just couple kilometers walk from the city and called Livadi beach. It’s relatively long and some areas are little more crowded. In this case crowded means literally that there […]

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Day 241: Himare

Himare is small costal town in Albania, part of it’s Riviera. Yes, there is Riviera in Albania! There is nothing else to do here, but relaxing on the beach, eating dinners and sleeping! There are several beaches in the area: […]

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