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Day 220: Croatia: results

Alex Block in Croatia

Cristal-blue water, beautiful hills, old towns, perfect waterfalls, diverse islands, mostly very kind and welcoming people, long history – all this makes Croatia absolutely perfect country to visit for everyone! No wonder that for little more than decade it became […]

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Day 219: Exploring Croatian wine

Wine tour in Croatia from Dubrovnik

Croatia is amazing place for wine lovers! Locals drink wine for lunch and dinner and generally it’s not considered as alcohol. Many families produce their own house wine. Almost at every place i stayed in Croatia, they suggest me a […]

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Day 218: Dubrovnik views

Dubrovnik is located in an absolutely great place! Hills, lagoons, amazing water around makes it such an epic place! Famous Old Town looks great not only from inside, but also from the hills outside. Great news that there are several […]

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Day 217: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hello, Dubrovnik! You are looking epic! This summer it’s the most well-known place i plan to visit and it’s definitely got the reason to be so famous! I love the hills around, love this absolutely insane walls of old town, […]

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Day 216: Bike and beach

Korcula, Croatia

is true for sone other Croatian islands. Today i decided to bike from my apartments to the next town – Lumbarda. The route was very easy, partly have designated biking roads. I was much surprised how many people are biking […]

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Day 215: Korcula town

Korcula town

Old city centre of Korcula town is known as one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in Europe and usually called mini-Dubrovnik. For a long time the island was part of venetian empire, so it’s huge influence is very obvious. […]

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Day 214: Korcula island

Korcula, Croatia

Greetings from Korcula island in Croatia! It’s my next stop during island hopping this summer! It’s really so interesting that all this islands, though they are located so close, are very different and got very different mood. Vis is calm […]

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Day 213: Stari Grad

Stari Grad, Hvar island, Croatia

Stari Grad is another town at the Hvar island. For my stay i choose it as it was more affordable, but at the end i loved it better than Hvar city. It is one of the oldest European cities, 2400 […]

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Day 212: Sailing around Pakleni islands

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is probably one of the best idea while in this beautiful country. You can easily picture yourself sipping wine, enjoying sunset or working with your suntan on the private boat. From practical point of view it requires some […]

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Day 211: Hvar

Hvar from the top

Hvar is the next island of my current island hopping in Croatia. It’s the most famous one and the most busy. Hvar city is the main city of the island. During July and August it is visited by 20000 people […]

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