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Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Alex Block

Week in Bulgaria in August definetely wasn’t enough to see everything that the country has to offer, but still i was able to enjoy it and check main places. I loved Bulgarian architecture and Plovdiv was definetely a highlight of […]

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Day 259: UNESCO Sites around Sofia

I love visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and though not every of 1000+ places in the list are really interesting to visit, but mostly it’s something to consider while visiting the country. Almost all my planning include at least checking […]

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Day 258: Exploring Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Today i had one more day browsing around Sofia, breathing and enjoying what it has to offer. I walked through old Roman ruins, visited it’s beautiful market, where i had some classical Bulgarian pastry and fresh juice, drink some water […]

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Day 257: Rest day

Alex Block in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Today i decided to spend one more day doing nothing and having a good rest, so one more shot from beautiful Plovdiv from yeasterday!

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Day 256: Plovdiv and Koprivshtitsa with

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Alex Block

Today i took day journey outside of Sofia and headed to the second most important city Plovdiv and little rural town Koprivshtitsa to learn more about Bulgaria, it’s history and enjoy some architecture. From the first hours in Sofia i […]

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Day 255: Sofia

Time to learn more about Sofia! The best way to start is taking free walking tour. Sofia got probably one of the most famous free walking tour and it’s really good one! The idea is that someone local will help […]

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Day 254: Rest day

First glance of Sofia on todays pic! For me today is time for some rest as i had so little sleep during the last days. Today i literally had 14 hours sleep and some me-time! I’m having really busy travel […]

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Day 253: From Skopje to Sofia

My stay in Macedonia was short one, i had just couple of days to see the highlights and one more day to visit Kosovo, so it doen’t make any sence to make some separate results post. Firstly i thought that […]

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