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Pic of the day #11: Rice terraces in Ubud

Rice terraces in Ubud

This Bali city and it surrounding is so beautiful, calm, sunny and authentic, that each time i see it – i want to be back!

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Pic of the day #9: Monument in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

This city is by no means is the most beautiful city in Russia

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Pic of the day #10: Canals of Bruges

Canals of Bruges

Love this spring time!

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Pic of the day #8: Eiffel tower at night

Paris, Eiffel tower blurry at night

This blurry image was shot specially to show other dimension of that iconic contour.

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Pic of the day #7: Motobyke in Sicily, Taormina

Motobyke in Sicily, Taormina

This classical bike was shot in Sicilian coast town Taormina, which is one the most prestigious little town on the island

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Pic of the day #6: Sydney Opera House

One of the best places to see in Sydney! But it’s absolutely worth to celebrate New Year here! And i did it in 2015!

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Pic of the day #5: Mykonos panorama

Mykonos is the most expencive and luxury island in Greece with historical streets, amazing food and energetic nighlife. At peak season every few days top DJ’s and artists performs in nightclubs.

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Pic of the day #4: Banks of Amsterdam

Banks of Amsterdam

Amsterdam canals are one of the most romantic places, especially at night

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Pic of the day #3: Decoration in Shanghai temple

in Shanghai temple

This lovely authentic bells show, that even in such a busling city as Shanghai, there is always some place for little details and patience. It’s an amazing feature of Asian culture.

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Pic of the day #2: Taxi in New York

Taxi in New York

This absolutely classic New York picture never gets old! Love it and wants to go there. Too long!

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