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Pic of the day #26: Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

This place is one of the most scenic i ever seen. This blue volcanic lake is located in New Zealand and can be explored during 1-dqy hiking track Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

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Pic of the day #25: Wall in Vilnius

Wall in Vilnius

Little and calm Vilnius with it’s nice historic centre got a lot of little nice signs.

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Pic of the day #24: Springtime in Dublin

Springtime in Dublin

View to the nice park in Dublin at spring.

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Pic of the day #23: Michaelmas Cay island

Michaelmas Cay island

This island located in the middle of Australian Great Barrier reef. It is home to wild birds and there is nothing but sand, ocean and corals around.

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Pic of the day #22: Crowd in London

Crowd in London

I love London for that freedom, when you can meet that funny faces in the crowd at central business district at the middle of working day.

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Pic of the day #21: Dubai at night

Dubai at night

This view to amazing Dubai skyline was made from Burj Halifa observation desk.

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Pic of the day #20: Brandenburg gate

brandenburg gate

This gates are one of the most important symbol in present history, showcasing Germany’s unification.

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Pic of the day #19: Tourists in Rome

Tourists near Trevi fountain in Rome

Trevi fountain is one of the most iconic symbols in Rome. It is known as one of the best places to grab some ice-cream and watch the world goes by.

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Pic of the day #18: Glamna Stan

Glamna Stan - Stokholms city center

Glamna Stan is the name of Stockholm’s old town, located on the island.

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Pic of the day #17: Martinborough village

Martinborough village

This New Zealands region is home to nice wine and great views. Perfect for sunday relaxation!

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