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Pic of the day #56: Street art in Shoreditch, London

Street art in Shoreditch, London

Former birthplace of hipster culture is a great place to explore street art in London.

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Pic of the day #55: Haghia Sophia

Haghia Sophia

This impressive cathedral in Istambul left me speechless! It’s absolutely extrodinary place with the feeling of rich history inside!

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Pic of the day #54: Vilnius square

Vilnius square

Vilnius is very calm city with pretty city centre! Nice place to relax on this lovely chairs on one of the squares.

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Pic of the day #53: Roofs of Eivissa

Roofs of Eivissa

Capital city of the iconic spanish island Ibiza is a classic Spain city, located in beautiful Mediterranian sea.

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Pic of the day #52: Temple of Fire near Baku

Historic temple of fire in Baku

This is one of the most well known temples in Azerbaijan. It is dedicated to fire and located around half-an-hour away from Buku’s city centre.

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Pic of the day #51: Boat in Dubai

Boat at the river in the old Part of Dubai

Dubai got not only skyscraper’s, but there is also old part of the city. It is not as scenic, but real. This boat is used simply to cross the river.

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Pic of the day #50: Church in Porto

Church in Porto

I love retro feeling of Portugal cathedrals! They are full of the feeling of beeing real!

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Pic of the day #49: Dresden


Dresden was the most beautiful city in Germany, but it is much destroyed during World war 2. Not much left, but it really shows the beautiful of the original idea.

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Pic of the day #48: City of Lyon

City of Leon

Great French city with calm atmosphere and great streets to explore!

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Pic of the day #47: Old city of Jerusalem

Old city of Jerusalem

One of the most sacred and historical places in the world. No matter what, but the culture, which was born here, inluence on entire world.

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