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Pic of the day #167: Bran castle

Bran castle

Also known as Dracula castle/ This picturesque castle is one of the most beautiful castles i ever seen!

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Pic of the day #166: Beautiful fall in Transilvania

Beautiful fall in Transilvania

I made this pic in early November in Transilvania! What a georgeous scenery!

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Pic of the day #165: My Halloween at Bran Castle

My Halloween at Bran Castle

I spend this Halloween at Bran Castle and also recently had a lovely opportunity to visit Romania! Though, this pic is little out of date, i decided to post it. This is me, playing Drakula in frony of Bran castle.

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I talk about Moscow at Amateur Traveler Podcast

Moscow Russia podcast

I had a real pleasure and honour to participate at one of my favourite travel shows and talk about my hometown Moscow! And i’m happy to share it with you! You can listen to this show right here and also, […]

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Pic of the day #164: Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie

One of the most significant sight in Berlin. One of the few points, where you had an opportunity to cross the city back in the years, when it was divided into 2 parts.

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Pic of the day #163: Tea House in Shanghai

Tea House in Shanghai

This tea house is located in tourist district in Shanghai, but to have a tea there was great experience! 5 yers have passed, but i still remember it!

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Pic of the day #162: Monument in Paris

Monument in Paris

Beautiful monument in Central Paris.

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Pic of the day #161: Petergof, Russia

Petergof, Russia

Amazing Russian answer to the palace of Versailes – Petergof.

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Pic of the day #160: Sitges Old town

Sitges Old town

Picturesque streets of Sitges, sweet little town in Catalunia.

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Pic of the day #159: Vatican


Classical view inside Vatican.

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