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Day 274 pt2: Culture in Java

Java culture is said to be one of the strongest symbol of #WonderfulIndonesia and everyone here is very proud of it. To learn more, our #TripOfWonders team headed to the Pentingsari Cultural Village at Yogyakarta. Normally it’s not the kind […]

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Day 273: Travel day

Today was a travel day as we are leaving Jakarta and heading to Magelang, the base city to explore famous Borobudur temple. I’m very excited about it as I’m a big fan of quintessential Asian temples and that’s the one i have […]

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I talk about Moscow at Amateur Traveler Podcast

Moscow Russia podcast

I had a real pleasure and honour to participate at one of my favourite travel shows and talk about my hometown Moscow! And i’m happy to share it with you! You can listen to this show right here and also, […]

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