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Day 4: Sights and mad rides

Today i decided to explore major places in New Delhi by myself. Firstly i took Uber to Red fort and it really was good choice. Little tricky to find the driver on the place, but the rest was very good […]

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Day 3: General sightseeing

After that hustle of being self guided tourist I decided to hire private driver with a car for a day to avoid all that bargaining, beggars etc and simply enjoying. It costs around 25$ for a day. And it works […]

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Day 2: What has to be shock happened to be shock

It never was an issue for me, but here I fully experience culture shock. It’s really tricky to be a tourist in Delhi, so much hustle, so much difference in life. Even my basic clothes seems too expensive to walk […]

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Day 1: Hello, New Delhi!

I am in India and it’s my first time here. Not very common for the one who practiced yoga for 10+ years. So many rumors, so many travel movies, so many talks, images and concerns. To be true, India is […]

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Time to travel full-time!

My plan for a day: ✅ Quit job ✅ Pack my backpack ✅ Board a flight ✅ Go travelling without return ticket And i mean what i mean, that’s the day for me! I’ve been prepairing it for a while […]

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