Hi! My name is Alex Block!

This blog is dedicated to travel, experiences, famous places in the world, where I was since i started travelling in 2008. All pictures and stories are real and mine.

My principle is affordable luxury travel. I don’t try to save on everything and i need some comforts to have good time. But on the other side, i don’t have unlimited resources and have to be very wise and creative to make the most of it.

My story began more than 30 years ago. Born and raised in Moscow, school, college, work. Everything is as usual. With one amendment: I love traveling and do it as often as possible. At this point i have visited 80+ countries and more than 500 cities around the World. This is my hobby and I am really passionate about it! Traveling gives me variety, zest for life, the opportunity to study, discover and learn.

For years I traveled each time i had a little opportunity: weekends, holidays, once i took a sabbatical to go to Australia (it doesn’t make any sence to get there for a week, isn’t it?). More than 7 years I have combined travelling and regular office job from 9 to 18 (actually, some days were more like 8am to 10pm, we know these rules 😀 ) and have visited around 60 countries and lots of cities in this way.

At the end of 2016 I resigned and began to travel full-time. Partly it was a dream, partly plan, which got economical and logical sence. Travelling full-time for me happens to be cheaper, than my dayly expences at home. So now i’m travelling all the time, trying to see as much as possible, enjoy and share it here in my blog and social media the way i saw it!

Have you ever wondered what you can see during 400+ days of travelling?

What to see in Nusa Penida

Let me give you an idea of it:


This story has no end, it is in the process!


If you want to learn even more about me, here is cool interview with me and podcast about my hometown Moscow!

If you need advice, support or just want to say hello. If you happen to be planning a trip to my hometown (Moscow, Russia) or if you have questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to write to me at alex@alexblock.ru! I am always interested and happy to meet new people from new places and help in any way I can (and I am that kind of blogger, who is here to help you)! I will answer as soon as I can. Keep in mind sometimes my travels take me off the beaten path…

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How can you afford travelling full-time?

I worked for a long time and saved to be able to do it. I got a plan what i want to do, i calculate and save for it.

  • How long does it take to save?

It took me around 2 years, but i had it in mind for 3-4 years. Travelling full-time is not only about money, all your life should be about it and there are other things to sort before going. Still, it’s not that tricky, just the same as any other important thing in life like kids, buying house or whatever.

  • Can i ask for your advice if i want to do the same?

Sure, just write me an e-mail to alex@alexblock.ru. I’m more than happy to help!

  • Why do you decided to leave your home for such a long time?

Initially decision got some reasons:

First of all i love to travel and i wanted to do it, i want to see the world and live, but not survive and dig through everyday routine.

Secondly in a very practical way i have simply calculated that to see some of my major bucket list items it will take me 15-20 years to do it and will cost me way more if i will do it just utilising my vacation days. It sounds strange and unreasonable, but it cost me more to live, work and travel from time to time, than to travel all the time. It was really pragmatic decision with lots of economy under it.

  • Don’t you have a homesick?

Yes, sure. The more i travel, the more i feel it. I miss my friends, i miss my couch and favourite cup sometimes.

  • What camera and filters do you use?

My travel camera is Nikon D90 with 18-105 lenses. I choose it because it works good, but not too expensive to care much about it. To edit my pics i use Photoshop on my desktop, VSCO and Snapseed on my smartphone.

  • When and how did you start blogging?

My first blog post was in 2006 and for a long time i was blogging only in Russian language. The blog is still there, though i don’t work on it too much. I have started my English blog (this one) in 2015 as i felt that it is more interesting for me. The reason was that i have an opportunity to talk with many people around the world and meet new one. If i had a goal to sell something, i will continue to work on Russian blog, but i want to talk with good people like you! My Instagram account started in 2010 in early days of Instagram, though it was private till 2015. From that time i decided that i got nothing to hide and decided to work on it and see how it goes!

  • Who take pictures, when you are on them?

I’m traveling with my travel buddy and he helps me a lot with it!

  • Can i use/buy your pics?

Please, e-mail me alex@alexblock.ru

  • Where are you going next?

Stay tuned, i will update you regularly about it here in this blog and on my Istagram!

  • How to follow you?

Join my mail list by entering your e-mail right here

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Happy travels and will be in touch!

Alex Block

Last update: March 2018