Prague was once my first EVER journey abroad. It is fabulous city and the place, where history lives and it is still a real city that keeps changing and grow. 9 years later i still think that it was the best choice possible. At that time i have spend only few days in the city and haven’t explored Czech Republic outside of Prague.

Time to fix it! This summer i have spend several days exploring Czech Republic outside of Prague. It was a big work for my camera as i have made around 2000 photos. I choose 25 of them to show in this post and give you a good enough reason to visit Czech Republic and explore not only Prague, but also the country itself!

The view from the Charles Bridge

Without no means, this os one of the most beautiful and historical place in Europe. Come early to the Chrales bridge to feel it’s magic without no crowds or climb at one of it’s Towers.

The view to Český Krumlov from the top

Český Krumlov is second most known place in Czech Republic after Prague, It is located in South Bohemian Region and together with it’s Castle is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List. Now the city is more a big touristy site as tourism is the main thing here, but still it’s charming and impressive!

Sunrise next to the Hluboká Castle

This charming castle is considered to be the most beautiful castle in Czech Republic and these days feels like a fairytale. The architecture, the beautiful design and interiors of it are magical and now it is one of the most Instagram-mable places in Czech.

Prague during the Golden hour

There is a very good reason why Prague is one of the most popular European cities for tourists. It’s architecture and history is still evident, it is still stunning and the energy of the place is very special. The best time idea here is to wake up as early as possible to see the streets without the crowds and just walk around for hours enjoying the vibe!

Countryside of Czech republic

Czech Republic is perfect place for the road trips. The roads are great, driving is easy and pleasant. Sometimes even without no particular plan you can find small cute villages or stunning flower fields.

Castle that looks like a full-size Barbie house

Chateau Mitrowicz is a charming and gently renovated estate established back in 1565 The chateau became a national heritage site, especially thanks to its unique frescoes displayed in the whole area of the representative floor. The second floor offers attractive accommodation in the gently renovated former private chambers of the Mitrowicz dynasty.

Pro tip: this Chateau is open for visits and now also is a renewed hotel that works for weddings, but you can stay there if there are no parties. You would be surprised that it wouldn’t cost you too much.

Rain in Český Krumlov

Stunning castle in Český Krumlov is usually very busy during the day. For a good reason it is one of the most popular sites in Czech Republic. I happened to be there during the rain and was lucky to made plenty of moody shots without big crowds around and having the place mostly for myself. Rain is definitely a good enough reason to explore!

Chateau Orlík: mansion above the Vltava River canyon

Orlík Chateau is located on the border of South and Central Bohemia, next to the Orlík Dam, one of the largest water reservoirs in the Czech Republic. Once it was a customhouse collecting the fee for river navigation. The dam built in the 20th century moved the castle right above its surface. At the beginning of the 19th century when Prince Karel Schwarzenberg chose to build his seat there and now it works as a tourist attraction, which is worth visiting to see te beautiful castle in a stunning location.

The Libraries of Strahov monastery in Prague

Strahov monastery was build in 12th century and now it is famous for 2 libriaries, located inside of it. Theological hall with stunning baroque-style decorations was completed in 17th centure and the Philosophical Hall, build in 18th century in a Classical style, are definetely worth a visit. The Strahov Library contains over 200,000 volumes, including over 3,000 manuscripts and 1,500 first prints stored in a special depository.

Tip: You can just come there, pay the netrance fee and see the libriaries from the door, but to enter inside make sure to reserve a tour at least 2 months in advance

River cruise around Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is surrounded by small river and a cruise around it a must-do while exploring this charming city.

The view from Zvíkov Bridge

Zvíkov Bridge is known for the beautiful views and one of the most scenic bungee-jump in the world! Yes, Czech Republic have it, too!

View to Prague from Petrin Tower

Petrin tower is said to be the Eiffel tower of Prague! It is located on the hill above the old part of the city and provides stunning views to the surroundings.

Photo tip: if it is too crowded at the very top, just exit and you will have the same awesome view without any crowds and windows from the stairs.


Chateau Kratochvíle

This Renaissance summer palace was the residence of famous members of the Rožmberk family – Vilém and Petr Vok. Now it’s calm and beautiful palace, surrounded by pond and relaxed gardens. Cool place to see outside of Prague!

Old town of Český Krumlov

Little charming streets, colourful houses, pavements and tile roofs makes Český Krumlov such a stunning place to see in Czech Republic.

Lipno Treetop Walkway

This impressive tower is the major stop of Lipno Treetop Walkway. A barrier-free path will gradually lead you from ground level to a tower 40 metres high with unrepeatable views. From there you can slide down the longest dry toboggan in Czech Republic.

Gingerbread in Prague

Prague got a long history of gingerbread making. Make a short stop while exploring the city and try it. They are so picturesque and cool, that you can use them to decorate a Christmas tree or buy as a souvenir. And the best thing – they are really tasty!

Mala Strana in Prague

Mala Strana is the old part of Prague located next to the main Castle. Usually it is more calm than the other side of the city, but it’s the place to feel the charm of the city!

Prague in summer

Just another sunny day in Prague! The city got something for everyone: whether you are looking for a busy night out, history, architecture or kid-friendly activities, there will be something for you!

Castle in Český Krumlov

Make sure to walk around this massive structure to understand how big is it!

Dancing house in Prague

This iconic building became the symbol of modern architecture. Everyone got an opinion about it and no matter whether you like it or not, it’s hard to deny it’s impact as a symbol.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The largest Church in Czech Republic is the major landmark of Prague and a symbol of Gothic architecture.

Praha-2 and TV tower

Prague-2 is your best choice if you want to go local and see Prague from another point of view. Go to Prague-2 disstrict and just walk around, enjoy the sunset with a great view to the Old part of Prague and have fun at the beer-garden at night. Great choice if you are on a budget as the prices there are times less than in the historical part of the city.

Beautiful afternoon in Prague

One of the most beautiful views to Prague from the Manesuv bridge. Great photo spot!

Czech Republic is a great place to explore. Prague is one of the best choices for your first independent travel experience as the city is so welcoming and so well suited for visitors. If you will go outside of Prague you will be surpeised how much Czech Republic got outside of it: palaces, castles, nature, medieval cities – it got almost everything to spend some great time. And  great news is that it is really easy to explore and could be a great choice for a budget as you can get here some awesome experiences.

Credits: Many thank for @myglamorousattitude and @elonatheexplorer for beeing my beautiful models for the shots in this post! Huge thank you for Czech Tourism for showing me your beautiful country outside of Prague!

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