Morocco is not only places and sights, that you want to see, but also some experiences that you couldn’t miss. Here are some of them that i want to highlight! Make sure not to miss them!

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Try sweet mint tea

Mint tea in Morocco - things to see
This classical drink is kind of the symbol of Morocco and a sign of hospitality. Most of the times you will be greeted with a cup of Sweet mint tea. Also it is the main drink to order in street cafes and watch the world goes by. Many people call Mint tea their favourite thing in Morocco and i was surprised how quickly I got used to it and now make it home.

Fresh orange juice

Oranges in Morocco - things to see
If you are in Morocco, make sure to have a lot of fresh orange juice. It is everywhere and very cheap! You would miss it later, so drink as much as you can!

Stay in Riad

Riad is a traditional hotel in Morocco. Usually Riads are not very large and located in historical buildings in Medinas. Sometimes they are huge and luxury. In many cases it’s even hard to understand that this is hotel as most of them even don’t have a sign. Staying in Riad is an experience itself as usually they are really pretty.

Once i have stayed in Riad, which got incredible wood decorations inside, but the ceiling were really low. Another one was really spacious and traditional, but it was really freezing inside. But the owners are usually super friendly, decorations are traditional and beautiful and mostly all of them have Moroccan style breakfasts included with fresh (always fresh) orange juice, mint tea and some pancakes.

Probably the most interesting place where i have stayed was Riad Goloboy in Marrakesh. This is design hotel, located in traditional house. French lady, who was the owner of it, decided to make it as a very stylish and interesting place. Every room got it’s own topic and all the common territories are filled with lots of cool creative design ideas. Just browsing around this Riad was interesting as they really got some interesting ideas here. Apart from it, Riad Goloboy got good facilities like spacious bathroom, rooftop terrace and some really pretty patios.

Explore Islamic patterns

Tiles in Morocco - things to see
The real beauty of architecture in Morocco is in small details. When you come to the place, it could feel a bit “too much” because of lots of elements. Try to concentrate on small details and here is where you will find real inspiration. Patterns, colours and tiles are one of the main elements of Islamic architecture. If you come to Morocco, you will definitely want to spend some time discovering beautiful patterns. One of the best places to see them are Madrasas (Islamic schools), which now turned into museums.

Visit the Tannery

Tanneries, Fes in Morocco - things to see
Leather is one of the main businesses in Morocco. It is still produced the same way it was for centuries – manually. The technology is so ancient, that it is considered as the heritage of the country. Fes tannery (the place where they colour the leather) is the one of main attraction of Morocco. The area was reconstructed not long ago and protected by UNESCO.

The best way to see it is to come to one of the leather shop next to it. Some of them got terraces with the view to the tannery and they are happy to show it to you for a little tip (i have payed around 5$ for 2 people) or if you will buy something. If you want to go inside the tannery, remember, that it is the place where people work. That’s why they are not too happy to see you there if you don’t have someone (kind of local guide), who will be there with you. There are lots of tannery scams in Fes and Marrakesh, so i would suggest just to see it from the terrace to avoid hustle.

Take a lots of door pics

Doors in Morocco - things to see
If you come to Morocco, you simply couldn’t miss taking numerous pictures of beautiful doors with the beautiful arches. I always encourage you to make photo walks while exploring a place. Just choose a topic – in this case doors (another ideas could be cats or patterns) – and walk around in search of them. It’s a great technique to have a collection of cool pictures and concentrate on details. You don’t need any superb camera for it: use your phone and your imagination and have fun!

Explore the markets

Markets are another great idea in Morocco. Tourist markets usually concentrate on leather, ceramics, carpets and copper. All of this is incredible, it is true “Arabian nights”! These small shops could be amazingly beautiful, the decoration and patterns are usually amazing and the choice is great. It is almost impossible to stop yourself from being everything.

Another type of market is local food markets. Usually you can find them in the first half of the day. They are busy and very chaotic, but got some cool stuff. Nuts, dried fruits, teas, incredible choice of olives, fresh fruits – you will love it, just give it a go and buy something! If you want to see something special, keep an eye to the meat section. Here for the first time i saw chickens, that were selling alive. There were hundreds of them in some areas, which was something a bit unordinary for a city boy, who usually see chicken as a filet.

See Atlantic ocean

Atlantic ocean in Morocco - things to see
To feel the real power of the sea, go to the Atlantic ocean coast. I saw it, when it was calm and it was beautiful. I saw it when it was “angry” and it was stunning. The wind, the waves, the dark colours were so powerful and impressive, that i can’t stop admiring (though i hardly can stand on my feet because if the wind).

See museum of Yves Saint Laurant

Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech
Yves Saint Laurant choose Marrakesh as his second home and a place where he create and spend some time during the year. The place was his inspiration and it was him, who made Morocco popular among the westerners. He owned a house in Marrakesh. It is still there, but generally closed to public. Still they can let you inside for around 1000$ for a group that is no more than 8 people with a prior reservation. The most popular place is The Jardin Majorelle, which was saved by him. Also there is recently opened Yves Saint Laurant museum with the exhibition of his works, which is a place not to be missed!

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