I’m so happy that i have finally find a way to spend some time exploring Spain. Bilbao,Valencia, Zaragoza, Granada, Cordoba and Seville were in my list for a long time! 1 month is good amount of time to explore Spain, but still there is much more to see. Spain, i’ll be back. One more shot from Seville and moving next!

Early in the morning i took a flight to Barcelona. I had 10 hours till my next flight, but this time decided to spend it in the airport. Barcelona El Prat is not the best airport for long connections, to be honest. There is nothing to do there and food is very expensive (especially after main fast food restaurants were closed there recently), but at least they have a decent wifi!

Finally i have boarded my flight and made it to my next stop.

Where? Stay tuned tomorrow for the big news!