My last day in Seville and time to check Metrope Parasol closely. Metropole Parasol isis that famous (and a bit crazy) mushroom shaped construction made from wood and concrete. What’s cool about it is that there are walkaways on top of it and it is possible to get there to see the place closely along with some views to Seville heritage. It was cool and scenic, i loved this combination of modern archotecture and classical buildings. Defintely my favourite thing in Seville.

It was a nice and very relaxed week here. I have spend lots of time in my Airbnb in very local neighbourhood, checked some sights and finally invested some time in myself and jogged along the river every day.

Well, i need it now more than ever as i love Spanish food, it loves me and after 3 weeks in Spain i feel that i need to workout A LOT because this “love” is getting BIGGER! 😆