While i have plenty of time in Seville, i’m exploring it slowly. Today i got an idea of visiting some off the beaten path places, but for some reason it doesn’t work. Like there is one cool thing in Seville, which is called Camera Obscura. It is a tall tower with a system of mirrors and optics inside, which can be used to see the surroundings. I got no particular idea how it works and it could be great to see, but for some reason they let you inside to see surroundings, but don’t show the optics in use. So it was kind of viewing platform and i decided to save 5€ for jamon!

My boldest and most photogenic moment today was visiting the largest square in Spain. This is pretty cool and photogenic place, which was build to impress. Architecturally it looks cool and got lots of beautiful tiles decorations. Apart from impressing, there is no other purpose. So i just walked around, check tiles with the symbols of major places and regions in Spain and put some new items into my bucket list. I definetely can travel in Spain for months!