I made it to Seville in Spain, my last stop for this time. Good news is that i have enough time to explore the city as it’s so happened that i have 1 week here. It’s a bit too much for Seville, so i will just chill and explore little by little.

Today i have spend some time just browsing around Old part of the city without no particular plan. Of course, i couldn’t miss these charismatic structures at the main square. Locals call them “mushrooms” and they were build in 2011. Many still call it a bit controvercial structure (same as all modern structures in Spain), but i loved it.

To be honest, it feels like the city was hugely reconstructed at 90’s, but after it they just used it. Compared to other places in Spain, where i have been, it feels more out-of-date. But i hope that the heritage is fabulous!

Have you ever been in Seville? Share your story in comments!