Cordoba is known as small and charming city in the southern part of Spain. Same as Granada, it’s main sight is the combination of Muslim and Catholic heritage. The main Cathedral of Cordoba is known as one of the largest in the world. Previously it was a Mosque, also one of the largest in the world, but later it was turned into Cathedral. When you enter it – you can see beautiful arches and lots of Islamic details, but right in the very centre of it there is a Cathedral, made in classical Renaissance  style! There not that many places in the World, where you can see this combination! Of course, the cathedral is inscribed as World Heritage Site. And of course, noone can skip taking classical Insta shot with the «candy» arches inside!

Apart from it, Cordoba got pretty and compact city centre and some busy neighbourhoods next to it. Nice tiny streets and pretty views around, mixed with the fascinated history and cute cafes here and there makes Cordoba great place to visit for a day.