In the morning i have checked several cool sites in Granada including stunning Basilica de San Juan De Dios, University with a beautiful library inside of it and some other places. Granada is not that big, so it’s easy to explore it if you know where to go.

The highlight of the day was my visit to the famous Alhambra. Alhambra without no means is the most important place and the main reason why everyone goes to Granada. This is monumental complex, located at the hill of Granada with amazing view to the snowy peaks next to the city. This place got a long history as it was one of the major architectural and strategic place for centuries and shows complicated history of the region. Originally built in 9th century as a small fort and military base, Alhambra was renovated and turned into Royal palace in the 14th century, when Granada was under the rule of Muslim emirs of Spain. Later it was partly rebuild in 16th century in Renaissance style.

Getting there was a bit tricky as it is very popular. All tickets are sold out months in advance. I have missed them, but than by lucky chance they have released some more tickets 2 days before my arrival, so i was able to get inside! Thanks for the awesome team of @palaciodesantapaulahotel, who have noticed it and send me a letter! Really special feeling when someone cares!