Night bus brought me from Valencia to Seville. I decided to have as it was a way to save some time as the distance between the cities is relatively big and if i will have a daytime bus it will take all day. Bus transportation is Spain is pretty good and in some cases (like this) could be a good alternative to the trains as not al the routes are covered by direct trains. Also there is huge price difference: usually bus is at least twice cheaper. In this case, it was 4 times cheaper than train (50 euro for the bus compared to almost 200 euro for the train ride). Still, it’s one of the most expensive rides during my almost 500 days of travel. Long term travel is always a choice of this kind, no other way.

Granada welcomed me with a bit more chilly weather than in Valenica. No surprise as there are snowy mountain peaks right next to the the city and they can be seen from almost everywhere.

After check-in in my stunning @palaciodesantapaulahotel a started exploring the city with it’s Old town, browsed around some historical areas, checked the views to famous Alhambra (a have tickets for tomorrow, so it’s coming soon) and just enjoyed the mood. Pretty place, i love it!

In the afternoon after a bit of sleep (i need it after a night bus), i have checked some Islamic heritage, which is a big part of the heritage of Granada. For centuries it was part of muslim Spain and there are lots of evidences of it here.