Today i decided to explore something that I even haven’t got in my mind. One of the largest bullfight arenas in Spain is located in Valencia and occasionally they have a fight today. I have found it couple days ago and it took some time for me to decide whether i want to see it or not. I decided, that it’s definitely only once in a lifetime experience, i would hardly do it again. To be honest, i knew so little about it, just some beautiful images and general idea. I don’t know the details and got no particular opinion what is the bullfight and what’s going on there. So i decided to buy a ticket to see it in person as the opportunity is getting more and more rare these days. For me at this point it’s more of a cultural affair and i want to see it as part of it.

The fight starts at 6-30. During the night they had a 6 fights and overall it lasts 2 – 2,5 hours. The main action have started almost immediately with the angry bull running to the arena. Firstly there are 4 guys, who’s job is to tire the angry bull. After it the main toreador came and graciously finish everything with the animal. All fights were pretty the same (but different in terms how animal is acting) and i quit after 3 of them as it was a bit too much. I specially don’t want to go much into the details, but want to say, that for sure this is beautiful tradition in some strange way. It wasn’t something uncommon for centuries. Just remember that even famous Coliseum was build to show fights between man and animal. But thought it’s beautiful, it is still a murder of an animal with the only purpose: to entertain!

There are lots of arguing about Corrida in Spain. Some think it’s a tradition and it’s important to protect it as a cultural occasion. Many fight against it for a number of reasons starting from ethnical to economical as it costs a lot to protect it and to maintain arenas. Both have a right to be and everyone decide what’s his opinion about it. Still for me it was more cultural event and i would never go again.

Tell me what do you think about bullfight? Share your thoughts in comments below!