Beach is one of the main things to see in Valencia. It is still not a season for swimming, but very nice time to spend time next to the sea. Valencia beach is located around 6km away from the city centre and the beach is really great. No matter where i go, i always find that Spain beaches are among of my favourite: they are wide, clean and well maintained. One of the best choices for the beach time in Europe. Still the wether now is perfect, not too hot, so many people just chill next to the beach in Valencia, sit in numerous cafes, bike and enjoy seafood.

Valencia is not only the city of sights, architecture and beaches, but it also got amazing parks, which are great areas to spend some time during the day and especially for jogging. It is such a big deal in Valencia and honestly, it so inspiring to see thousands of people jogging at the same time. I also have started to run almost every day now. Actually, i love doing it, but don’t have lots of opportunities on the road. Some place are suited better (like Valencia), other are completely not made for it (Bali for instance). So finally i can take away my sportswear from my backpack  and use it!