Valencia got surprisingly a lot of art related places to see. So today i had a day to check some cool examples of it. I have started with the Museum of Belle arts, have visited the main sight of the city – Valencian cathedral where the famous Holy Grail is located and saw one of the most beautiful places i ever saw – Iglesia de San Nicolas. This place is sometimes called Sisteen Chapele of Spain because of it’s fabulous paintings and decoration. It is not as huge and a bit hidden, surprisingly not well known, but was brilliantly restored not long ago and now on it’s best.  Good news is that it is not crowded and visiting it is an absolute pleasure. The finest example why it makes sense to go off the beaten path!

For some reason i love this kind of places more than super popular top sights with the crowds, lines and hustle. Here i can feel the place and see it!

What is your favourite off the beaten path place?