The Silk market or Lonja de la Sedais is a 15th century building in the centre of Valencia, which was inscribed as UNESCO Heritage Site as a symbol of power and wealth of the Mediterranean cities.. This was the second major sight i have checked today (check previous post to see more if you have missed it) and now it’s history time. Many sights in Spain got audioguides included in entrance price. Some are really boring, but in this case i even listened for some of the parts few times to make sure i got everything.

From the inside the building got several huge doors and very provocative decorations, which i will never notice without an audioguide. The trick is that all the building is covered with some small strange statues. Just to give you a glimpse, there is a statue of a male doing his sexual stuff on his own. I had a zoom lenses and the details are quite provocative! :-)))) I got no idea why they choose to decorate the building of exchange like this, but it is as it is.

From inside there are small garden, several beautiful halls including this massive gothic hall, where i took this pic. The hall once was a next step of architecture because of the way they have made it architecturally.