60 years ago there was a catastrophic flood in Valencia. After tye government decided to reroute the river, which devided city in 2 parts to prevent it in the future. After it all the bridges and the territory of river were turned into a park. This park is really superb as it is located in the city centre, have a lot of activities and brilliantly maintained. This park is widely used for sport and public activities: walking, jogging or biking along it is seriously a pleasure! I am staying literally 1 minute walk away from it and it’s seriously so cool to see it every day now!

At the end of the park closer to the sea there is famous futuristic “City of arts and sciences”. It was build around 20 years ago as a cultural, social and mostly architectural gem of the city to bring more attention to Valencia. And it worked for sure as now it’s a major symbol of Valencia and one of “12 trasures of Spain”. Inside there is a theater, museum, aquarium, garden and meeting centre, but the archutecture is definetely the main reason to come and see as it still feels like it came from tomorrow! Spain definetely knows how to make it!

#AlexSpain ✌✌✌ Have you ever been in Valencia? Any tips or advices?