My early morning flight brought me from Malta to Valencia! I’m so super excited to be back to Spain as exploring it is my major goal this Spring.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and also known as quintessential Spain due to it’s traditions and celebrations! I will stay here for a while, so i choose to stay in AirBnb. And this will be my second time i will have only the room, buy not the whole place. First time was just for 1 night and it was really a disaster as it was “artistic” appartments with manequens standing around, broken mirror closed with black curtains and walls covered with words like “F$&k off” and “Juan was here”. This time i am perfectly fine. Two retired guys from Canada bought this place as their homebase in Spain, rent to pay for their groceries and it is perfectly fine, feels like perfect AirBnb experience as it should be. This is rare these days, to be true. I would say i have 50/50% of good and bad stays in AirBnb.

I have spend the rest of my day browsing around Old City in Valencia, trying famous Valencia cocktail (which was my dream scince that Almodovar movie) and just enjoing perfect May day in Spain!

So good to be back!