Next to Valetta there are 3 cities Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, which you can see from Valetta and actually have a look at all of them all together. There are well known because you can walk between them as they are all super small and there are no borders between them. I saw them before from Valetta and decided to check them closely today.

They are pretty cool to see from the outside and nice to browse around their hilly streets. All of them were used as a shooting locations for many movies.

Another cool thing here is that there is fort which is not the territory of Malta, but it’s a property of Order of Malta. This is actually the smallest country in the world (surprise, it’s not Vatican) and it is officially recognised by more than 100 countries. It got a small headquarter in Rome. You probably know it very well: that famous keyhole in Rome, where you can see 3 countries including the territory of Malta cross. The second property is the Fort at one of the 3 cities in Malta. The story behind this country is so confusing, that i hope i have wrote and understand everything right.

Another thing worth mentioning to give full pic of this day is how i got there and back. Malta is small island, but if you try to explore it using public transportation – get ready for troubles, you will spend a lot of time for it. My apartments are just 15 km way from these 3 cities, but i have spend 3,5 hours trying to get there (one way). At first long waits and wrong schedules, after it a connection in Valetta (super busy), which was close the disaster as it was a rush hour already and some refuges were really pushy trying to get inside the bus. The driver even had to protect me from them as they almost crashed my DSLR. After it we stood in traffic for 2 hours. Traffic is the major trouble in Malta. So staying in a right place if you want to explore the island and planning ahead is important to avoid this kind of stresses.