Today i have checked several great spots in Malta.

I have started my day with Mdina. This relatively small walled pedestrian city in the heart of Malta is the second most popular place to see here. It is usually called the silent city because of it traditions. Less than 300 people lives here and most all of them are nobles. There is no traffic, only few tourist horse carriages and the doors to the the city are closed at night as it was in medieval times. I guess, there is a reason why the city was named Mdina as it’s structure is a bit similar to mEdinas, that i saw in Morocco couple of weeks ago, but the mood is totally different. This city hosts annual celebrations of medieval heritage and actually is pretty cool to just browse around for couple of hours. There are some specific places to see inside, but i would say that the city itself is the main attraction.

Right next to it is the city of Rabat (again, i have visited Rabat in Morocco not long ago, that’s funny). It is a bit more real, though pretty. St Paul’s Catacombs, the largest World War 2 shelters are the main things to see here. Catacombs includes some relics and a place where St. Paul, the patron of the island, lived for a while. The shelter is connected with old catacombs, which once were a place of burial.

There is a place in Malta that is called Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (it is in different area), which is a bit similar and listed as UNESCO Heritage site, but getting there is a bit tricky as visits are limited and expensive. I have missed online tickets for 35 euro (sold out months in advance) and could get only day tickets for 40 euro, but to do it i had to get to a special place in Valetta at 7-30am (and for me it’s around 1 hour journey), which sounds a bit too much. But here in Rabat i got a glimpse of what is it.

My last stop for today was a winery, which was around 2km away from Rabat. Malta wine is not very well known because it’s production is not huge, but it is really good one. I really enjoyed it and can hardly recommend visiting local winery while you are in Malta as there are not many opportunities to try it abroad.