Here is the trick about Malta: the island is not that huge, so you can easily visit several cities simply walking between them. Surprisingly, they are not the same and choosing the right place to stay in Malta can be a bit confusing, that’s why i decided to stay in several areas during my time here.

These 2 days i am staying in the area of St. Julians at @radissonblustjulians. This pic was made from the terrace of my room and basically that’s the best view in the area. Love that there is nothing here, but rocks, sea and blue sky.

St. Julians is way different than Golden sands, Mosta or Valetta, where i have been before. This is the area for those who came to Malta to study English (it’s a big thing here) and party. St. Julians and Pembroke are known as party districts in Malta, but also they have the biggest choice of hotels, that’s why many people stay there and use it as a base to explore Malta during the day and party during the night. The atmosphere here is a bit specific as many young people have their first «freedom days” away from the parents and do crazy stuff. I was a bit surprise to see that many older people choose to stay there (probably 60’s is the new 20’s), but still that’s probably because big number of places to stay.

Slima is one more city between St.Julians and Valetta and the best thing about it is great view to Valetta and shopping area. Apart from it there is nice walk along the water and basically that’s it.