Valetta was probably the main reason for me to go to Malta as it is the most famous place in the country, UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Capital of Culture in Europe this year.

Valetta is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe for sure. It feels like something in between huge fortress and old city. It is filled with beautiful buildings, palaces, cathedral and absolutely straight streets which were made this way to protect city in case of invasion. Malta got a long history and was always a sweet piece of land in Mediterranean. It became independent only in the middle of 20th centure and scince then preserves it’s treasures and unique culture.

Valetta happened to be very touristy place, same as Malta itself. It took me by surprise as i though Malta is kind of off the beaten path destination. But it’s not. Valetta is packed during the day, but after 5pm it’s almost quite here.

The main thing to do here is visiting Cathedral, browsing thr streets and admiring the views to the cities and bay next to it. Also i have visited one palace there as i always want to see a bit of “hidden” life in Malta. Malta for me feels like the place, where most of the power is hidden under the closed doors. It was cool as i saw a palace and even war period bomb shelter.